In the beautiful meadows and forests of a former royal hunting estate, you’ll find the luxury lifestyle festival – Wilderness. Acres of decadence, sprawled safely over the yawning magnificence of Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire, combine to create a scintillating country mix of good music, high end food and luxury outdoorsyness.

So it was a really big deal when our very own Deluxe Horsebox trailer was chosen for hire by Hotpod Yoga for their DJ Booth, which accompanied their outdoor pod in the Sanctuary area of Wilderness. It was the first time ever for Hotpod Yoga, where they had live DJs inside the pod, spinning tunes to each class whilst sweating it out alongside their happy customers.

Over the course of four glorious days, over 400 people from all over the UK joined in and listened to the live music from Hotpod Yoga. The DJ line-up within the Vintage Bar Box® horsebox included Tom Middleton, Rebecca Vasmant, Maes, Arta, Auntie Flo (and more) creating immersive soundscapes to guide yoga enthusiasts through their flow.

With glowing purple lights and heady aromas, the experience of the pod took festival goers a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of the festival; where one moment you are tucking into a five-course banquet or basking in the Veuve Clicquot champagne garden, the next you are watching a man driving a dodgem while dressed as a lobster!

It was an amazing festival and it was great to see the Hotpod Yoga DJ’s have a blast in our horsebox. Plus, Hotpod Yoga created a video so we can relive the magic!

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