Horsebox Conversion

Traditional British Craftsmanship

A great deal of research, planning, time, precision and craftsmanship go into each horsebox conversion using traditional methods and techniques. Whilst there are many imitations, being the innovators of the first horsebox bar conversion, Vintage Bar Box® horsebox bars are instantly distinguishable for their superior high standards of finish, choice of materials and attention to detail. Qualities that Kerry hopes her great great grandfather would be proud of.

Kerry’s great great grandfather, Harry Cheeseman, was the Estate Carpenter for Lord Digby of Minterne House in Dorset for over fifty years, home to the Digby’s and Churchill’s. As Harry worked, Kerry’s grandmother Ann fondly remembers visiting her grandfather Harry and playing in the estate grounds with Winston Churchill – the son of Pamela Digby and grandson of the heroic wartime British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill.

Young ChidGrandfather and grandsonHorsebox Trailer Conversions

The carpentry tools that originally belonged to Kerry’s great great grandfather have been passed down 5 generations of Kerry’s family. With Kerry’s great grandfather Arthur learning the trade from his father Harry before joining the Airforce. Over 100 years old, they bear not only the initials of Harry and Arthur, but years of craft, skill and workmanship.

Today in the ownership of Kerry, these tools are lovingly used to craft the horsebox trailer conversions. Creativity and perfectionism being in the blood, Kerry design’s each horsebox conversion herself from scratch. With meticulous attention to detail and the help of skilled trades, Kerry’s vision becomes a reality.

In 2018 Kerry will be accepting selective commissions.