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Vintage Bar Box Kerry Osmond

Founder of the Vintage Bar Box®, Kerry Osmond

Born and raised in Dorset on her family dairy farm, Kerry graduated from Bournemouth University with BA Hons in International Business at the young age of 20 and further studied for a Professional Post-Graduate Diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing at London Metropolitan University. During a long stint of working in the city, Kerry became a Chartered Marketer in 2011. After rebranding a number of companies that were successfully purchased for acquisition, Kerry decided it was time to set out on her own venture.

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Visiting a food festival and eating delicious food as the sun was shining, it wasn’t just Kerry feeling the heat. The main wine bar was serving average warm wine. Although it had been fun, Kerry left feeling disappointed. Why couldn’t someone serve great local produce and showcase the amazing wines and fine craft ales that are being developed all around us? Serving them at the right temperature, by people who care about where it has come from and the customer they were serving it to? As the experience was reflected upon in the obligatory festival traffic jam, Kerry stared at the horsebox parked in front and reminisced on her childhood growing up in Dorset on her family dairy farm…the concept for the Vintage Bar Box® was born.

Osmond Calf

Osmond Horsebox

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